FSA-I series

Maintenance ladders series FSA-I are designed for providing the access to equipment nodes of airplanes (aircrafts) that are situated high while maintaining them.

A stepladder is a telescopic welded pipe structure. It consists of a ladder frame, upper and lower forks, where the lower fork is a ladder mainstay to the ground, and the upper one has a working platform.

The steps of a stepladder and the working platform are coated with flooring of perforated metal sheet with flanged up holes that are situated is a chess order to prevent slipping.

The lower fork in the bottom has two threaded holes and is equipped with quick-detachable thrusts (spikes) to prevent spontaneous movement of the ladder while operating it in a working position.

In order to move and tow the stepladder from the side of the lower step it is equipped with rubber molded wheel Ø180 with a pole of “two degrees of freedom” as well as two similar wheels on the track width of the ladder. Rubberized wheels facilitate movement and maneuvering of stepladder.

The stepladder is equipped with spin canting and struts to ensure stability and rigidity and can withstand a static load of 120 kg. The stepladder is coated in 2 layers: 1st layer – primer GF-021, 2nd layer – orange enamel PF-115.

Type Height Laders
FSA-I-1500-5 1500 mm 5
FSA-I-2300-7 2300 mm 7
FSA-I-3000-9 3000 mm 9